• Benefit from Dell’s experience building and running its own social media listening command center 
  • Find out how to contain hot issues and viral situations 
  • Discuss best practices for staffing, running and integrating the command center into your business 

Social Media Listening Command Center Build-outs

Get the expertise you need to design, build and integrate your own social command center

With the increasing prevalence of social media, are your listening and engagement activities keeping pace? Are you ready to expand your social media reach while providing accurate messaging that aligns with your business goals?

Dell can help you achieve these goals with your own social media command center. From inception to completion, our team of experts can provide consultation on a variety of topics from the design of the physical space and screens, to implementation of key processes that run the center, to recommendations on skill sets, training and resources necessary for effective operation.

We can help you establish a containment process for hot issues and viral situations, coordinate the roles and responsibilities of your business units and develop optimal processes to maintain control of your listening and engagement activities.