Dell Consulting Services
  • Participate in collaborative design sessions with your key business and IT stakeholders. 
  • Develop a project schedule based on your requirements and assessment results. 
  • Receive a detailed implementation plan and access to a reporting portal to guide you through design and proof of concept.

Design Your Future State IT Environment on a Linux Platform

The prospect of migrating to an open-source platform can seem overwhelming. You need the right tools to properly remediate your hardware and applications, a clearly defined plan and a proven process for testing. You also need buy-in from management and effective communication to ensure success.

Dell’s collaborative approach will help get you there.

Our UNIX® to Linux® Migration Design service keeps IT and management aware of progress every step of the way. We offer phase reviews and design documentation that includes Linux certification, application and hardware remediation, along with the related total cost of ownership (TCO) metrics.

We then help you set up teams with the appropriate skills and focus areas to create or improve your lab environment. Finally, we set up test cases, hardware and application environments to perform testing and remediation in a proof of concept (POC) prior to actual migration.
The UNIX to Linux Migration Design service includes:

  • Executive summary providing clear, actionable data with proposed recommendations.
  • Complete basic return on investment (ROI)/cost-savings analysis based on all known variables and any logical assumptions about customer environment, industry standards and proposed future state architecture. 
  • Estimate of effort needed for complete migration and porting of applications. 
  • Risk assessment listing all hardware and technologies that will be affected by the proposed migration strategy. 
  • Performance benchmark testing of your applications on the new platform.