Windows 8 Mobile Development Services

Dell Windows 8 Mobile Application Services

With mobile applications growing at a fast pace, companies are building applications on various platforms to engage their customers and consumers innovatively. If you are looking to migrate applications, build on iOS or Android onto Window 8, Dell can help you with the tools you need to easily integrate innovative user experience features of Windows 8 and deliver outstanding apps to your customers.

We have delivered Windows 8 apps to clients across industries including banking, financial, insurance, healthcare and commercial segments. We have also done prototyping, testing and deployed apps needed by large enterprise customers to run their business productively.

Our engineers have in-depth experience using XAML to develop on WPF and Silverlight. They also understand how MS views user interface (UI) elements, controls and layouts in Win 8 apps. We also have proprietary libraries, tools and processes that can deliver Windows 8 apps quickly and help you fully embrace Microsoft’s vision for UI, saving you valuable time-to-market in mapping iOS and Android gestures and user elements to the new live tiles, charms and app bar.

With our comprehensive services, including consulting, development, security assessment maintenance and support, we can help you catch the next wave of Windows 8 application development by:

  • Building and deploying on the latest mobility platform with tailored Windows 8 application-porting strategies and solutions
  • Helping you utilize your investment in iOS and Android to better serve your users
  • Giving you the expertise you need for strategy and development through all stages of your mobility journey
  • Customizing the Windows 8 user experience to increase adoption of mobility within your enterprise and customer base

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