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Migrate and modernize. Ease Windows Server migration today.

Support for Windows Server 2003 ended July 14, 2015, which means no updates, no patches, and added vulnerabilities and maintenance costs. If you have not upgraded to the latest operating system, your entire organization and its data are at risk.
Migrating your enterprise to a modern Microsoft Windows operating system will be imperative to the health of your organization, but it is also a complex process that can strain IT resources.

Set the stage for future ready IT

Dell helps dramatically reduce the time, cost and risk associated with end-of-life technologies. You can count on Dell consultants to help your organization transition workloads to newer operating systems, such as Windows Server 2012 R2, and to cloud models. Dell has the systems and expertise to determine the most efficient approach to modernizing and transforming your infrastructure, applications and underlying hardware.

Dell Windows Server 2003 Migration Services help you:

  • Accelerate migration while mitigating disruptions or down time
  • Identify opportunities for transformation to ‘as-a-service’ cloud models
  • Improve application performance by optimizing server resources and architecture
  • Apply a cost-optimized delivery model from Dell, including hardware, software and services

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, Dell has developed time-tested best practices, unique tools and proven processes to help ensure a smooth transition. We help evaluate your environment, automate tasks and provide an individually tailored solution to meet your needs. For details, talk to our experts and ask about the Windows Server Migration workshop.

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