ThinLinux is the newest Dell Wyse thin client operating system. Derived from an enterprise-grade system Linux, ThinLinux offers a robust and flexible network-edge operating system (OS) while still ensuring endpoint security and manageability.

Highly secure: Virus and malware resistant thin client OS. ThinOS has an un-published API and zero attack surface. Supports a robust 802.1x wired and wireless authentication security protocol set: from all EAP connection types to robust LAN based authentication including EAP-FAST.

Easier-to-manage: Right sized management for different use cases, on-premise with ‘hands-off’ file server, or Wyse Device Manager , or cloud-based Wyse Cloud Client Manager. Scalable administration for just a few to tens of thousands of thin clients.

Better connected experience: Support for 4k displays, printers, smart cards, and fingerprint readers and support for Citrix Receiver 13.1, VMware View and Amazon Workspace.