Your Shared Infrastructure Strategy

Design your strategy for office-ready IT

In alignment with our commitment to flexible scalable solutions, our PowerEdge VRTX has numerous configuration options to further customize it to your specific environment. So what’s next?

Assess your needs

  • Will you have dedicated on-site IT support staff or do you need to manage remotely?
    VRTX systems management tools are designed with both needs in mind. Our entry-level Express management option gives you a simple, user-friendly tool that can handle all the normal systems management tasks for local, hands-on management. Our advanced-level Enterprise capabilities give you more comprehensive systems management including the ability to manage remotely. It also supports interfaces to third-party consoles like Microsoft or VMware.

  • How much server or hard drive space do you need right now, and how much will you need in the future?
    You don’t have to max out the system or your budget to get a comprehensive setup right now and still have room to grow in the future. With open space available inside the VRTX chassis, you can add more servers and hard drives later, and they will integrate seamlessly. You won’t need any additional management tools, floor space or cables.

  • Do you need a tower or rack setup?
    While VRTX can run on the 110-volt AC power typically found in offices, it also supports 200–240V power and fits in a 5U rack if you want to install it in a data center. This also gives you the option for more continuity if you want to use the same kind of servers in both your large data center and your branch offices.


  • Are you ready to start saving time, hassle, noise, clutter and money?
    Talk to a Dell expert to learn how the PowerEdge VRTX can do just that.

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