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You won’t believe your eyes

Get ready to be amazed by how powerful simplicity can be. Dell PowerEdge VRTX integrates servers, storage, networking and management into a single office-optimized chassis the size of a tower server (or 5U when rack mounted). The first IT solution designed from the ground up specifically for office environments, PowerEdge VRTX brings greater simplicity, efficiency and versatility to your IT environment.

In addition to its space-saving size that can be installed virtually anywhere, PowerEdge VRTX is easy to deploy, use and manage. Its modular, flexible design delivers extensive capacity and performance scalability, making it a future-proof investment that grows with you through time.
Redefine IT Operations

PowerEdge VRTX brings order to chaos in your office IT environment, delivering greater efficiency that improves your bottom line. VRTX innovative capabilities include:
  • Office-optimized dimensions, acoustics and security — VRTX’s compact chassis can be installed virtually anywhere, allowing you to reclaim valuable floor space or rack space. With quiet acoustics, it operates non-disruptively, even in quiet office environments. A locking front bezel prevents unauthorized access and keeps physical assets secure.
  • Choice of server node quantity to drive the compute power you need at each site — VRTX supports two-socket M520 and M620 server nodes as well as the 4-socket M820, all of which can be mixed-and-matched inside the chassis. You can standardize on VRTX as your platform of choice for all sites, yet tailor configurations to the specific needs at each site.
  • Virtualization-readiness — VRTX has been pre-tested and certified to run with virtualization solutions including Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware. We also created reference architectures and sizing guides to speed configuration and deployment.
  • Huge internal shared storage capacity to harness today’s explosion of data, and to provide room for future growth.
  • Simplified, intuitive systems management that helps to save time, save money and reduce potential for error.
  • Choice of network options — PowerEdge VRTX features integrated networking ports and industry-standard PCI slots, instead of complex and expensive I/O modules. This flexibility eases the burden on small business budgets. You can also configure VRTX with high performance 10GbE switches if you need to transfer data at enterprise-class speeds.
  • High availability and serviceability — with features including ECC memory, hot plug hard drives, fans and power supplies, redundant storage controllers and fail-safe hypervisors, as well as capabilities like live migration and high availability cluster failover inside the chassis. We designed VRTX to keep you up and running.
  • Future-proof investment value — not only does VRTX offer extensive performance scalability and storage capacity to grow with you into the future, it is also designed today to support future 13th generation PowerEdge server nodes.
Get the right PowerEdge VRTX solution the right way for you — we can help

Transform your IT environment with the PowerEdge VRTX configuration best suited to your business needs. When you purchase a PowerEdge VRTX, you automatically receive ProSupport Plus, our proactive and preventative support for your business-critical enterprise systems. We’ll help you maintain peak performance and availability of your workloads running on VRTX. You get:
  • A dedicated Technical Account Manager
  • SupportAssist proactive monitoring and performance intelligence
  • Direct access to elite ProSupport Plus engineers to troubleshoot any issues you may encounter
You may also choose to add additional services like the following:

Deployment Services
Our end-to-end remote deployment services ensure that your Dell PowerEdge VRTX installation, configuration and implementation are completed accurately and quickly. We base our proven processes on the best practices that our highly skilled technical experts have acquired in thousands of deployments.

Remote Consulting Services
When you’re in the final stages of VRTX implementation, rely on Dell Remote Consulting and our certified technical experts to help you configure it all. We help you implement best practices for your software, virtualization, server, storage, networking and systems management.

Data Migration Service
Our team of data migration experts creates a smooth data migration plan and set you up with a single point of contact. This contact helps you migrate your existing files and data so your business gets up and running quickly and smoothly.

Can’t wait to get started?
Learn more about VRTX features and configurations here. You can also use our free system assessment tool: the Dell VRTX TCO calculator to get a head start determining the specifications that best suit your IT needs. Talk to a Dell expert to redefine the way you do IT.
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