Shared Infrastructure

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Shared infrastructure changes everything

Virtualization, cloud computing, an increasingly mobile workforce: these are only some of the rapidly evolving imperatives driving IT. And we know the challenge you confront when you must integrate legacy equipment — and investment — with the new and urgent demands of the virtual era. Budgets rarely expand; timelines seldom lengthen. The result is usually inefficient complexity that costs too much and delivers too little to your business. Shared Infrastructure offers a solution and a whole new way to think about IT.

Shared Infrastructure refers to IT design in which subsystems and components can be not only shared, but also scaled incrementally according to your specific needs. It creates enormous computing power in much smaller footprints. It gives you greater density and resiliency with less expense. By allocating only what you need when you need it, and converging infrastructure components, you get:

More Choice, less complexity
  • Simplify data center builds and management with advanced systems monitoring, management and automation.
  • Consolidate connectivity by 8-to-1, and greatly reduce networking costs and cabling complexity.
Right-sized IT
  • Rapidly scale the resources your workloads and business require, and minimize disruption to productivity.
  • Implement an unprecedented level of IT infrastructure density, allowing more services using fewer resources, and resulting in overall lower costs.
Infrastructure that fits the job
  • Scale precisely, with the right, power, storage and connectivity for your specific workload needs.
  • Fit the infrastructure to the workload with modular blocks of computing resources that are readily deployed.
  • Get more granularity in resource provisioning, so you realize better resource efficiency with an unprecedented reduction of your infrastructure footprint.

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