Industry Insights

  1. Cloud Computing: Special Report

    Learn why cloud computing has become a critical strategy for modern organizations seeking efficiency and cost savings, as well as learn what the technology really is, its benefits and challenges, and where it is headed next.

  2. Clarity in the Cloud

    Learn about secure, enterprise-class cloud solutions from Dell, including fully managed cloud services, private cloud infrastructure and infrastructure solutions that are optimized for public cloud use and every combination in between.

  3. The Cloud Imperative

    08 Feb 2012

    Learn the best practices in cloud adoption for state and local governments, as well as specific technical, implementation and acquisition issues related to migrating to a cloud computing environment.

  4. New Thinking for the Enterprise

    26 Jan 2012

    Reinvent your enterprise to reduce costs and take an integrated approach across all aspects of technology through cloud computing, virtualization, data center consolidation and application modernization.

  5. IDC Government Insights: Predictions 2012 Government

    15 Dec 2011

    Research firm IDC Government Insights presents U.S. federal, state and local governments’ IT spending trends, predictions for the government IT market for 2012, and recommendations for the government and vendors based on these trends and predictions.

  6. Lifting the Security Burden

    07 Dec 2011

    Learn about basic guidelines for developing a comprehensive security strategy for effectively hurdling cybersecurity issues and best practice recommendations to help you protect assets and comply with regulations.

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