State and Local Government Industry Insights

State and Local Government Industry Insights
See how simple solutions solve complicated problems

For many state and local agencies, too much time and money is allocated toward supporting inefficient, outdated systems. Too much IT talent is focused on keeping those old systems running while budgets stay stagnant. The time for IT transformation is now.

Dell is an experienced and proven partner in fostering efficient, forward-thinking government IT operations. We work with public agencies, large and small, throughout the United States, to provide the best in IT solutions and services.

Specifically, our government cloud computing solutions enable IT departments to solve complex problems, simplify cumbersome systems and ultimately do more with less. Our cloud solutions make financial sense, too, as an investment today can significantly cut costs over time. In fact, government organizations typically achieve a 25–50 percent savings when they make the switch to the cloud.

Dell understands these benefits, because we’ve transformed our own company infrastructure to embrace cloud solutions and modernize applications. We understand what it takes and where it can take you. You don’t have to take our word for it. More and more public service customers work with us to accomplish savings, productivity and simplification. To learn more, search our state and local case studies.

We are fully committed to your agency’s success today and tomorrow. Find out more about our government cloud solutions and more.
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