Catalyst Magazine Issue 1 2012

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You may notice that this issue is easier to read, yet packed with much more information. That’s because we’ve been listening to our readers and put your excellent advice to work. You told us that you enjoy reading our customer case studies, but you’d like a lot more from us – more in-depth writing, more expert advice, more product coverage, and more coverage of news and trends. This issue, focusing on virtualization and how midsized companies are using it to drive their businesses forward, offers that and more.

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  1. Virtualization allows company to back up and scale out

    02 Apr 2012 By : Fawn Fitter

    Virtualization offers more than sheer processing power. For Thinkwell Group, it provides reliable backup and a scalable environment, allowing the company to concentrate on creativity.

  2. DR4000 backup appliance provides massive storage in small footprint

    02 Apr 2012

    Find out what’s inside the new Dell DR4000 backup appliance. Catalyst talks with Abhijit Dinkar, one of the creators of the storage product.

Catalyst Issue 1 2012

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