Every day, more than 25 million people in China access the Easou mobile search engine using their wireless devices. These users consume 11.5 billion page views per day and perform 2.92 billion searches per day, with numbers growing by the minute. The organization knows that success depends on the performance of its search technology, with customers expecting quality, high-speed results.


To keep up with customer demands, Easou has been growing quickly. Annual revenue increased more than 125% in 2011. Infrastructure is not far behind. “At present, we need to purchase more than 1000 servers annually for expanding and upgrading our data center,” says Lyn Wang, senior systems manager.

Performance plus energy efficiency


When Easou began updating its four data centers last year, it looked for a server solution that delivered greater performance and better energy efficiency. The company understands that environmental responsibility is increasingly important to customers, who want companies to do as much as possible to tackle global warming. Frank Wang, chief executive at Easou, says, “In China, we have 2000 servers, but that may easily rise to around 10,000 in the future. Energy efficient technology has a real impact on our bottom line and our environmental impact.”


Easou turned to Dell, whose solutions had gradually replaced those of other IT vendors across the business. Dell was selected based on a comparative test with other vendors, taking into account the energy efficiency, stability and cost effectiveness of each solution. Frank Wang says, “Dell met all of our selection criteria, particularly in terms of energy efficient technology.”


Easou deployed Dell™ PowerEdge™ R710, R510 and R410 servers with Intel® Xeon® processors at each data center, consolidating the number of machines at each site. Each of the data centers now performs better, while consuming less power due to more efficient power supplies and effective heat management systems. Lyn Wang says, “Data center operation is more stable, faults are greatly reduced, and we are able to increase single load, providing users with more stable service.”

Frank Wang agrees. “Our aim is to provide the best possible service to our customers, and the stability of our solution makes this a reality for us.”


More investments in improvement


Easou has more resources to explore other IT improvements because it has reduced the total cost of ownership (TCO) for its IT environment. The company has been virtualizing servers and is in discussions about cloud services. “We use multiple PowerEdge R510 servers and Citrix™ XenServer to optimize use of virtual machines, and use virtualization to manage our special servers,” says Lyn Wang. The company has also deployed the Citrix™ XenDesktop™ desktop virtualization solution for its internal IT environment. Using this environment, operations staff can access the same software desktop to securely maintain company servers, no matter server location or employee location.


Most of all, increasing operational efficiency allows Easou to concentrate on developing its mobile search technology. Frank Wang explains, “Our new solution has definitely reduced our TCO, which enables us to invest more in improving the services we offer our customers.”


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