Data Center and Cloud Management Software

Data Center Management Software
Optimize data center operations and simplify IT management.

Attain the high level of efficiency you must have in IT operations to help your organization to grow and thrive. The vast portfolio of Dell data center and cloud management software solutions help you to quickly deliver applications, streamline the management of systems (including servers, workstations, desktops, and mobile endpoints), expand your virtual environment (server and desktop) with ease, and rapidly adopt cloud-based infrastructure. We empower you to accelerate new projects, support heterogeneous environments, automate key tasks, and maintain tight control over vital company assets.

Transform your IT operations as you:

  • Easily deploy and manage Unix, Linux, Windows, Android, and iOS and Mac OS-X endpoints including servers, desktops, laptops, and mobile devices
  • Ensure a positive end-user experience with business-critical applications across physical, virtual, or cloud architectures
  • Get the greatest possible ROI from virtual infrastructure through right-size provisioning and robust performance monitoring as well as powerful tools for managing capacity, configuration, and chargeback
  • Streamline management, migration, customization, and protection of your application workloads and business data on Microsoft platforms such as Exchange, SharePoint, Active Directory, and Lync
  • Maintain complete control over Dell servers, storage arrays, and network switches

Only Dell has the breadth and depth of easy-to-use software solutions to keep your data center assets performing at their best — all day, every day.

Application and Service Management  Application and Service Management

Simplify management of the large and diverse range of applications that you are expected to support as you modernize your data center. Optimize application performance and deliver the always-on service that your employees, customers and partners require.

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Administration and Automation Administration and Automation

Keep up with the fast pace of change by simplifying administration and automating key tasks. Improve the efficiency of migration and consolidation, implement application change management to maintain compliance, and make it easier to manage and secure protect your infrastructure and applications through automation software.

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Physical and Virtual Infrastructure Management Physical and Virtual Infrastructure Management

Support virtualized and cloud environments alongside physical environments without adding complexity. Improve performance and capacity planning, simplify desktop and systems management and better protect your enterprise data.

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