Big Data Analytics

Big Data Analytics

Enable true big data analytics by accessing all data

Capitalize on the power of big data by easily working with all data types. Gain unprecedented insight from text, PDF, relational, and social and sensor data — without requiring data scientist expertise. Integration of off-premises and on-premises data allows you to synchronize your information across various data stores, so it’s ready for analysis.

Business analystics with big data insights    

Business analytics with big data insights

Enable business users to rapidly transform structured and unstructured data into analytic insights without the time, complexity and costs of other solutions. By combining natural language processing, machine learning and sentiment analysis technologies with easy-to-use search and visualization capabilities, our big data analytics solution lets you mine content, discover relationships and realize the full value of big data.

Real-time data integration

Real-time data integration

Easily integrate data from diverse data stores and applications, including off- and on-premises sources. Accelerate and simplify integration projects with affordable, all-in-one solutions.

Data Center

Oracle-to-Hadoop data connector

Easily and affordably load and continuously replicate changes from an Oracle® database to a Hadoop® cluster to support big data analytics projects. This automated solution dramatically simplifies near-real-time Oracle and Hadoop data integration.
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