Dell Chassis Management Controller (CMC)

The Dell chassis management controller brings you further OpenManage innovation with quick, easy and intuitive management for multiple-blade-server chassis and their servers, storage and networking devices within.

The Dell CMC module uses a secure browser-based interface that can be used to make a thorough system inventory, perform configuration and monitoring tasks, remotely power on/off servers, and enable alerts for component events in the system chassis. The CMC is embedded into the platform chassis, requires no additional software installation and is also accessible from a front LCD panel.

And because CMC interacts with the iDRAC in each server, you can perform server-specific iDRAC functions like updates, settings changes, or opening a remote console session from the CMC interface.

You can use the CMC web interface to monitor multiple systems of the same type with no additional cabling. This display makes it easy to get a quick, accurate multi-server reading of system health. You can also back up and replicate settings for each chassis, and save or apply BIOS profiles for individual blade servers for easier automated addition of new blades or chassis to your environment. It is even possible to assign settings to an empty slot, and have them applied when a new server is inserted there in the future.

For more information about the chassis management controller, visit the Dell Tech Center , or talk to a Dell expert .