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Accelerate your virtual workloads
“The Dell Fluid Cache for SAN solution offers an impressive balance of performance and cost for virtual environments. So far, we’ve seen a 30 percent reduction in response time of our virtual environment and have experienced no downtime since the solution began running. And we estimate this solution would cost around half of what it would be to update the primary storage system with like amounts of high performing solid-state drives. If we need more data storage, we can simply add another node and make the cache pool bigger. This gives us a lot of flexibility without disrupting any applications.” — Daren Dugan, Virtualization Manager, University of North Texas System

Reduce database queries from hours to minutes
“The Dell Fluid Cache for SAN solution includes an intelligent caching system that accelerates reads and writes for a significant performance boost. In our SQL environment, a database query that previously ran for over an hour was completed in less than 15 minutes using Fluid Cache.” — Peter Lonis, Solution Consultant, LeaseWeb

Step up your provisioning and performance

“Our team’s model is that of a service provider to the university system and our primary goal is to offer the best level of service possible to all our customers across the various UNT system campuses and organizations. We’ve had to step up our game, and the Dell Fluid Cache for SAN is another tool in our toolbox that helps us do that. To be able to offer this level of performance at such a reasonable cost is a huge advantage for us. Any organization or institution that has transactional types of data can benefit from the Dell Fluid Cache for SAN solution.” — Monty Slayton, IT Manager, University of North Texas System

Quickly improve enterprise resource planning (ERP) and IO-intensive ecommerce experiences
“The Dell Fluid Cache for SAN solution can improve the way we do business by allowing our colleagues to spend less time waiting for our ERP system. More importantly, our customers with IO-intensive ecommerce or ERP databases will deliver results quicker and have a better experience.” — Marc Burkels, Manager of Dedicated Hosting, LeaseWeb

Removing typical IO OLTP bottlenecks
"With Dell Fluid Cache for SAN, we were able to remove the IO performance bottlenecks that are typical of OLTP database workloads. In our Dell lab test Oracle Database performance study with TPC-C type workloads, the Dell Fluid Cache for SAN solution allowed us to scale the database infrastructure to accommodate 4.4X more transactions per second and 4X more concurrent users, with a 90% reduction of the average database query response time." — Kai Yu, Senior Principal Engineering and Oracle ACE Director, Dell Global Solutions Engineering

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