Dell and ffA

ffA ffA provides world-leading GeoTeric® Geological Expression software and services to the oil and gas industry. The Geological Expression approach brings interpretative knowledge and objective data analysis together in a unique, geologically directed, data-driven, interpreter-guided workflow that utilizes 3D-seismic analysis and sophisticated multispectral visualization to reveal the geology which is expressed, but often hidden, in the seismic data.

Together, Dell and ffA work with oil and gas companies to improve their business performance, reduce exploration and development risk, and realize the potential of the digital oil field.

Select Dell Precision workstations are validated for GeoTeric, the only Geological Expression software that bridges the gap between processing, interpretation and reservoir modeling by directly translating geophysical data into geological information. It offers an innovative, data-driven, interpreter-guided approach for understanding and defining the 3D morphology of the geological elements imaged within the seismic data.

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