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Take the fast, open road to big data success.

Scale with your expanding, diverse big data and turn it into your competitive advantage. Dell™ Apache™ Hadoop® solutions for big data provide an open source, end-to-end scalable infrastructure that allows you to:
  • Simultaneously store and process large datasets in a distributed environment—across servers and storage—for extensive, structured and unstructured data mining and analysis
  • Meet service level agreements (SLAs) while accommodating a wide range of analytic, exploration, query and transformation workloads
  • Tailor and deploy validated reference architectures
  • Reduce costs
  • Drive insights from your data

Take the complexity out of analyzing your most important asset. With Dell’s extensive Hadoop-ready library of business analytics solutions, you can easily create “what if” scenario dashboards, generate graphs for relationship analysis and innovate to build competitive advantages. Dell has teamed up with Cloudera and Intel to provide the most comprehensive, easy-to-implement big data solutions on the market.

Contact a Dell expert and see how easy it is to quickly get the most from your big data.

Dell Hadoop Solutions

Take control of your data and accelerate the power of Hadoop with any of our solutions:

Dell QuickStart for Cloudera Hadoop
Quickly engage in Hadoop testing, development and proof of concept work. Dell PowerEdge servers, Cloudera Enterprise Basic Edition and Dell Professional Services combine to help you quickly deploy Hadoop and test processes, data analysis methodologies and operational solutions against a fully functioning Hadoop cluster.  

Dell | Cloudera Apache Hadoop Solution, accelerated by Intel
Dell’s tested and validated Reference Architectures include Dell PowerEdge servers with Intel® Xeon® processors, Dell Networking and Cloudera Enterprise. This broad compatibility can help your organization build robust Hadoop solutions to collect, manage, analyze and store data while leveraging existing tools and resources. The Dell | Cloudera solution can give your organization everything it needs to tackle big data challenges including software, hardware, networking and services.

Dell In-Memory Appliance for Cloudera Enterprise

Speed up large, complex cluster deployments with the Dell In-Memory Appliance for Cloudera Enterprise with Apache Spark. Our preconfigured hardware and software stack simplify deployment, configuration, tuning and optimization of a Hadoop distribution and cluster for streaming workloads.

Cloudera Enterprise, with Cloudera Search, Impala and Spark streamline your IT environment with one tool for data processing and interactive analysis. Get quicker access to critical business insights with interactive analytics and scale as needed from a single node up to 48 nodes. Working with Dell Services, the appliance is delivered as one solution and quickly integrated to finalize your Hadoop configuration for fast deployment. Learn more.

Dell | Cloudera | Syncsort Data Warehouse Optimization — ETL Offload Reference Architecture

Accelerate extract, transform and load (ETL) processing on your existing enterprise data warehouse (EDW). The Dell | Cloudera | Syncsort Data Warehouse Optimization — ETL Offload solution boosts EDWs overburdened with ever-increasing data volume, velocity and variety. We combine software, hardware, services and a validated reference architecture to help your organization:
  • Streamline enterprise-class data integration
  • Leverage Hadoop technical advantages
  • Reduce ETL processing costs

Dell Statistica Big Data Analytics

Transform complex and time-consuming manipulation of web-scale data resources into a fast and intuitive process. Statistica Big Data Analytics from Dell combines search and analytics in a single, unified environment. Statistica is an advanced content mining and analytics solution that is fully integrated, configurable and cloud-enabled. It deploys in minutes and brings together natural language processing, machine learning, search and advanced visualization. Dell and Hadoop combine to help organizations of all sizes more efficiently and effectively process data and innovate.
Put your data to work
Implement Hadoop with confidence with the Dell end-to-end Hadoop solution. It includes a proven reference architecture and Dell™ PowerEdge™ servers.
Dell PowerEdge servers
Optimize data management and analytics with our end-to-end, Intel®-accelerated Dell™ | Cloudera® Apache Hadoop solutions.

Getting started
Get started with Dell QuickStart for Cloudera Hadoop, an easy and affordable way to build and test a big data Hadoop solution. It delivers a fully supported Hadoop cluster with hardware, software and services — bundled to help your business quickly engage in Hadoop development and proof of concept work.

Our enterprise-ready Dell|Cloudera Apache Hadoop Solution is built using our tested and optimized reference architectures, and integrates with varied operating systems, hardware, data warehouses, databases and business intelligence tools. Together with Cloudera and Intel, we leverage your existing tools and resources to help solve your big data challenges.

Leading-edge in-memory appliance
Analyze large amounts of streaming data from connected devices and machines with embedded sensors using the Dell In-Memory Appliance for Cloudera Enterprise. This purpose built, turnkey and Spark-powered, leading-edge appliance is ideal for stream processing, and predictive and iterative analytics.

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Statistica Big Data Analytics

Statistica Big Data Analytics from Dell is an advanced analytics toolkit that brings together natural language processing, machine learning, search and advanced visualization connected by an integrated workbench meant for non-developer staff. Statistica Big Data Analytics is a business enabling technology that provides big data access to staff making the decisions at your organization.

You can easily deploy this fully integrated, configurable, cloud-enabled software platform in minutes. With this content mining and analytics solution, you’ll transform complex and time-consuming manipulation of web-scale data resources into a fast and intuitive process.

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Dell offers Dell | Cloudera Hadoop Services, a complete end-to-end implementation—from installation to configuration and support—from award-winning Dell Support.