Dell | Cloudera Apache Hadoop Solution

The Fast Path to Big Data Success With Apache Hadoop

Being able to analyze your growing mountain of data can give you a distinct competitive advantage, but big data can be more than traditional tools can handle. Dell Apache™ Hadoop™ Solutions can help by providing superfast analysis, data mining and processing.

What is Apache Hadoop?
Apache Hadoop is an open-source framework that scales from a single computer to thousands of servers and offers high availability in the software, rather than in the hardware. Hadoop, a leading technology in open source, provides the software library you need to store, process and analyze large amounts of structured data and unstructured data.

The Dell | Hadoop Big Data Solution
The Dell | Cloudera® Solution comprises Cloudera’s Distribution for Hadoop, Dell PowerEdge C hardware, and joint service and support. This combined solution delivers an integrated, highly optimized solution for massive distributed processing against a single file system namespace.

The Cloudera Enterprise subscription service includes:

We designed the Dell | Cloudera Solution in collaboration with Cloudera so you can rest assured that the hardware and software components of your Hadoop solution are certified to work together. You get maximum performance with minimal risk.

World-Class Services and Support
When you work with Dell and Cloudera for your Hadoop solution, you have the resources of two world-class companies supporting your solution.

With the Dell | Cloudera Solution, a full line of services covering your deployment, hardware and software is offered when you need it. And you'll always have a primary contact to help you maintain the availability of your Hadoop environment.

Put your data to work

Hadoop Software

  1. Dell Crowbar Software Framework

    Free the Cloud with Dell Crowbar

    Automate and accelerate the deployment, configuration and ongoing operation of your cloud or cluster environment with the Dell Crowbar software framework.

Dell Servers and Networking

  1. PowerEdge C2100

    PowerEdge Cloud Servers


    Optimize data center space and performance with the PowerEdge™ C cloud ready servers featuring compute, GPU and storage nodes to boost data intensive workloads.

Technical Resources

  1. hadoop-introduction.pdf

    Introduction to Hadoop


    Implement the Apache Hadoop ecosystem easily with the Dell and Cloudera Hadoop solution. Ensure maximum availability and stability of the Hadoop environment with a full line of services, including deployment, hardware support and software support.

  2. hadoop-business-cases.pdf

    Hadoop Business Cases


    Get the flexible solution for a common storage and compute engine with the Apache Hadoop ecosystem. Hadoop provides scalable tools for storing, managing and analyzing data.

  3. hadoop-enterprise.pdf

    Hadoop in the Enterprise


    Get the technical information you need to craft an Apache Hadoop environment that keeps pace with your business needs and fits the IT enterprise.

  4. hadoop-enterprise-readiness.pdf

    Hadoop Enterprise Readiness


    Even without the Secret Decoder Ring, Dell can help you decode the challenges you face for the move to the Apache Hadoop solution from Dell and Cloudera. Be ready.

  5. HPC Source magazine

    Conquering big data with a big-time solution (Ezine)

    Take control of your big data using Dell Cloudera Hadoop Solution, an open-source platform designed to help you cost-effectively and efficiently store, process, analyze and use data through simple deployment, configuration and management.