Insurance Platform Implementation and Migration Services

Platform Implementation
Do you need to make the move to platforms that will continue to address your current business requirements, as well as make it easier to implement the new initiatives needed to keep your organization competitive in the future?

With a complete range of platform modernization services, Dell can help you transition from the limitations of closed, proprietary systems — such as legacy applications and legacy workloads running on mainframes, iSeries and proprietary UNIX platforms — to a more agile, lower-cost industry-standard platform.

Your investments in existing application and business logic investments are preserved on the new target platform, and in many cases, the migration from the old platform is so seamless that your end users aren’t even aware it has occurred.

Migration Services
Businesses spend billions of dollars migrating data between information-intensive applications — but up to 75 percent of new systems fail to meet expectations. Why such a high failure rate? Often it’s because flaws in the migration process yield data that is not adequately validated for the intended task.

The Dell migration process typically uses a neutral-file methodology to avoid failure-inducing flaws:
  • Iterative Process — Extraction of policy data from the current platform; loading of the policy master data into the new platform; conversion balancing (for savings products) with a roll-forward of policies from a prior date (usually two years) to the current date and a comparison of the values between the source and the new system; conversion reconciliation with a comparison of a wide spectrum of key data elements between the current and new platforms
  • Integrated Model Office — First opportunity to run test modifications, extract and convert policies together
  • Conversion Dry Run — Early execution of entire conversion process to ensure that actual conversion is seamless
  • Pilot Testing — Simulation of production processing by administrative teams to ensure that teams are trained and ready
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