Dell and Intel

Intel xeon Dell and Intel know there isn’t one desktop solution that fits every business. That’s why the Dell and Intel partnership has created a series of workstation and desktop solutions that provide companies with the tools they need to tackle their unique challenges.
With a fully managed Dell desktop solution, you can drive efficiencies into every phase of the lifecycle. Desktop computing enables high productivity levels at reduced costs, with built-in power efficiency, management and security technologies. Dell and Intel workstations give you number-crunching performance to help you blaze through complex analysis, Intel® Core™ processors, equipped with Intel vPro™ technology, simplify management and protection.

These solutions utilize two kinds of innovative Dell technology to keep you ahead of the competition.

Intel vPro technology helps you:
  • Reduce PC management costs and desk-side visits
  • Allow systems to be repaired even when they’re powered down
  • Take care of hardware and software issues inside and outside the corporate firewall
  • Manage mobile systems as if they never left the office
Intel Xeon® 7500 processors give you:
  • Top-of-the-line reliability, availability and performance on your x86-based Dell PowerEdge™ architecture
  • Unparalleled virtualization optimization that puts 100 percent data center virtualization within reach
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You can also use our Dell Precision Workstation Advisor, an interactive tool that can help you choose a Dell Precision PC that meets your computing needs.