With Dell™ Lifecycle Controller Remote Services, you get automated system discovery by your management console and the ability to remotely deploy an OS on your servers. Your interface to these features is the Web services‐based hardware management interface provided by the Lifecycle Controller firmware together with the Integrated Dell Remote Access Controller (iDRAC) firmware.

Key features:
  • Autodiscovery of bare metal systems — iDRAC can be configured in factory or using Unified Server Configurator to connect and authenticate to a provisioning console
  • Autodiscovery and initial security configuration of the system service processor
  • Network‐share-based boot of provisioning pre‐OS environments [as an alternative to Preboot Execution Environment (PXE)]
  • Remote OS installation
    • Installation of an OS on the discovered system using drivers resident on the Lifecycle Controller
    • Installation of a custom OS image (enabling you to install an OS without the desired drivers on the Lifecycle Controller)
    • Installation of an OS by booting from service image on a network share
  • Integration into Microsoft® System Center Configuration Manager and BMC Software® BladeLogic® Operations Manager consoles — Web Services Management (WS-Management) interfaces can be used to integrate into home-grown consoles and scripts.
  • Remote acquisition of embedded drivers for a selected OS

Additional enhancements:

  • Custom factory installation of autodiscovery security certificates and provisioning server name and address
  • WS-Management interface for changing auto-discovery certificates and reinitiation of autodiscovery
  • Remote out-of-band instant firmware inventory of installed and available firmware images
  • Bare-metal out-of-band updates — Remotely initiate and schedule offline BIOS, firmware and driver pack updates

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