Dell takes a lifecycle approach to loyalty. That is why our Pan-Bank Rewards solution relies on miLoyalty by Dell partner Zafin Labs for its software foundation.

A powerful execution engine designed for the banking industry, this software system allows you to easily configure highly targeted programs and promotions — and measure results in near real time. It supports bank ownership of data, and gives you full control of the selection, duration and pricing of promotions.

You can configure promotions and incentives using information from diverse sources, including transaction data, customer relationship management tools, core systems, third-party processors and even web-based tracking tools. miLoyalty securely maintains your point pool and acts as the system of record, integrating with accounting systems to ensure adherence to accounting rules and regulatory compliance. The system’s flexibility makes integration with partners and customer channels simple and easy to maintain. We offer multiple delivery options ranging from licensed software to unit-priced software as a service (SaaS).

Several components of miLoyalty make it comprehensive and flexible:

  • Program Design — We provide your loyalty infrastructure, allowing you the control and flexibility to roll out different types of loyalty programs across lines of business, regions and customer segments. Each program can react to new initiatives and promotions quickly and cost effectively.
  • Program Insight Our performance management dashboard provides rich analytics and real-time business intelligence with drill-down across attributes to profitably manage programs. Obtain actionable information through innovative measurement of customer loyalty.
  • Contribution Structure Evaluating customers’ value (or contribution) to your business requires tracking their behavior against a set of behavioral attributes. To widen and deepen customer relationships, first become savvy about what truly makes a customer influential today, then base promotions around the most valuable customers in the market.
  • Communication Strategy A hard-working campaign targets customers' preferences. To learn these preferences, your organization must gain customers' trust by maintaining active and appropriate dialog -- in other words, through two-way communication.
  • Accounting Support Use your existing General Ledger (GL) system to manage reward currency (points) to pass muster with accounting principles, regulatory compliance and audit transparency.

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For more, see miLoyalty information from Zafin labs.