Citrix® Provisioning Services deliver operating systems and applications on demand, from the network. This allows IT to provision desktops instantly, enabling centralized management, while also providing the uncompromised user experience of a fully equipped PC.

The provisioning services are designed for stationary environments, such as business offices, government agencies, technology labs and college campuses that can benefit from improved client IT management and data protection that doesn't hinder the end user's computing experience or productivity potential. Client images that are streamed on demand enable you to:

  • Improve virus resistance — The provisioning services deliver a pristine desktop image to the client computer each time a user initiates a working session. 
  • Reduce management time — Centralized data management makes it faster and easier to deploy new images, patches and upgrades.
  • Streamline licensing management — Citrix Provisioning Services integrate with Dell’s EasyConnect™ technology to minimize software licensing deployment time.