IT management

Open, capable, affordable IT efficiency is here

Implementing efficient information technology management is the most significant improvement any organization can make in today’s computing environment. Hardware and software solutions of the past are simply incapable of meeting today’s virtualization, scaling and open-standards demands.

Run your IT as service-enabling technology and migrate from internal IT to networking in the cloud — we’ll show you how. We’ll partner with you in deploying an efficient IT system that will create the following major improvements in your data management:

  • Standardization — Replace disparate, proprietary and legacy systems with standards-based components; reduce complexity, troubleshooting and maintenance costs.
  • Simplification — Eliminate redundant or underutilized systems and manage data centers, servers, storage and applications to reduce administration costs.
  • Automation — Reduce the amount of manual interactions required to maintain operations, cut labor costs, boost productivity and better manage growth.

You can rely on Dell to create a unique and complete solution for your company drawing from the most advanced technologies available today:

  • Desktop Virtualization Solutions (DVS) — Integrate purpose-built hardware, software and services from one source.
  • Wyse Keep private information safely locked inside the cloud or data center.
  • Cloudera — Build and run efficient public and private clouds.
  • EdgeCast Deploy content delivery network (CDN) solutions leveraging certified Dell platforms and EdgeCast software; determine what’s most in demand and cache content more effectively.
  • Elemental Leverage GPU parallel processing power for high-performance video transcoding/encoding; greatly reduce the number of compute nodes required for video transcoding/encoding, lowering rack space, power, cooling and total cost of ownership (TCO).
  • Brevity — Maximize transporting and transcoding.
  • Dell PowerEdge servers — Render content, run complex workloads, automate tasks.
  • Dell Boomi — Unleash the true potential of your critical business applications with Dell Boomi cloud-based integration and get all the advantages of a pure software-as-a-service (SaaS) integration platform.
  • Dell SonicWall — Implement a secure, compliant and manageable IT environment.
  • Dell Force10 — Virtualize and automate network functions.
  • Dell FluidFS — Unify and scale block file storage.
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