We’ve all heard the excuses:

· “Identity and Access Management (IAM) is too hard and too complex”

· “IAM is too expensive for me”

· “It takes too long to achieve success with IAM”

· “I trust my users, so I don’t need IAM”

· “IAM doesn’t make me more secure”

We’ve all probably even used one or two of them at times. But whether you believe IAM is just too much for your organization or if you have been “once bitten, twice shy” with a “traditional” IAM solution, the need for identity and access management as a critical component of your security plan will not go away.

Attend this webinar to join Marc Potter, the IAM expert from Dell Software, as we bust the top five IAM myths. Each myth will be explored in detail and debunked using actual stories from real-life organizations – just like yours. As a bonus, every web seminar attendee will be sent a copy of Dell Software’s newest book, “IAM for the Real World”. Register today, spaces are limited!