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  1. Transformational outsourcing: the future of application services

    In today’s technology-driven market, digital is disrupting traditional application outsourcing models. Application services will need to transform significantly to unlock the value from these new technologies that are fundamentally changing the way we do business. Organizations using antiquated labor based supply models — largely unchanged over the last ten years — will find themselves unable to deliver the value and speed that they need to compete in the ever-changing digital world. Download this whitepaper to know more about Dell's Transformational Outsourcing model.

  2. Dell Services for Oracle Applications

    Dell offers consulting services for Oracle's complete portfolio of applications. Oracle is a key element in supporting many critical business functions, and Dell is a highly specialized Oracle Platinum Partner with extensive experience in Oracle applications, middleware and databases. This brochure provides an overview of those services., as well as benefits.

  3. Dell SAP HANA Operational Reporting Data Sheet

    Dell Services can help you generate reports on millions of ERP records with more power, speed and efficiency.

  4. Dell Payments Test Harness - Data Sheet

    Reduce payments application testing efforts, by leveraging automation for test case creation and execution.

  5. Dell Migration Services for Lotus Notes to SharePoint

    Find out how Dell can help you migrate critical content and data via Notes Migrator with minimal impact to your end users. This data sheet provides information on Dell Migration Services for Lotus Notes to SharePoint.

  6. Dell implementation services for SAP HANA Data Sheet

    With SAP HANA and Dell Services, you can get immediate answers to complicated profitability questions, leading to smarter business decisions.

  7. Dell Insurance Testing Framework

    Dell can help insurance companies gain competitive advantage with a comprehensive testing framework. This datasheet explains how.

  8. Dell Cloud Application Services

    Dell Cloud Application Services provides end-to-end suite of services for cloud adoption at any stage.

  9. Dell | SAP HANA Solution

    Enhance the power of SAP manufacturing software and achieve greater shop floor visibility. Our scalable solutions integrate production shop floor activity with your enterprise business processes and systems.

  10. Dell Launches Application Testing Startup Incubator Program in India

    Dell Launches Application Testing Startup Incubator Program in India