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  1. Windows Server Migration Services

    Are you ready for Windows Server 2003 support to end? Explore Dell’s migration Services, which are designed to help ease the transition to Windows Server 2012.

  2. Worried about migrating from Windows Server 2003

    As the 14 July 2015 deadline looms for the end of Windows Server 2003 support, many customers are concerned there is not enough time to migrate all servers and applications. Dell provides comprehensive solutions to help organizations of all sizes at each step of their Windows Server 2003 migration journey.

  3. Test your organization's readiness for migration to Windows Server 2012

    14 Jul 2014

    Will your cast of IT stars be ready for the sequel, Windows Server 2012? Have some fun while you test your organization’s readiness for migration to Windows Server 2012!

  4. Partner With the Leader in Windows Server 2003 Migrations

    10 Jul 2014

    This data sheet provides you an overview of how Dell can help you with comprehensive solutions at each stage of your Windows Server 2003 migration journey.

  5. Dell | Windows Migration Services

    Migration Services designed to efficiently move your organization to Windows 7 or Windows 8.

  6. Integrating Dell With Multivendor Networks

    Introducing a second networking vendor will reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) for most organizations by at least 15 percent to 25 percent over a 5-year time frame.

  7. Network Performance

    Improve user productivity and lower your network costs with faster network performance.

  8. Wireless Networking

    Reliable and secure wireless networking solutions empower productivity.

  9. Efficient Architecture Workshop

    Discover how next-generation technologies such as rapid provisioning, automatic high availability and cloud-ready infrastructures can transform your data center.

  10. Cloud and Virtualization Consulting

    We assess your data center environment, provide recommendations to resolve immediate problems and address longer-term issues.