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  1. Wireless Services

    Enjoy greater mobility and real-time data access, extend and leverage existing infrastructure, and enhance service to customers.

  2. Microsoft Enterprise Project Management

    Provide a quick and efficient way to assess the work of your company, and ensure timely updates on project progress.

  3. Application Management Services for Oracle

    Maximize the usability and value of enterprise applications integrated with your Dell | Oracle solution.

  4. ERP Health Check and ERP Upgrade

    Realize the value of a fully integrated enterprise.

  5. Business Intelligence and Master Data Management

    See critical information in an easy-to-understand format.

  6. Efficient Architecture Workshop

    Discover how next-generation technologies such as rapid provisioning, automatic high availability and cloud-ready infrastructures can transform your data center.

  7. Unified Communications

    Unified Communications (UC) integrates email, chat, fax, voice mail, telephony and audio/video conferencing with core Microsoft Office applications, and provides a framework for supporting mobile users.

  8. Microsoft Office SharePoint Server

    Empower your people to work together more effectively — and more intelligently — with Microsoft SharePoint 2010.

  9. Data Center Capacity Planner

    Right-size your IT equipment and environment for maximum efficiency.

  10. Cloud and Virtualization Consulting

    We assess your data center environment, provide recommendations to resolve immediate problems and address longer-term issues.