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  1. Do More With Efficient IT

    An Efficient IT strategy promises more empowered users, more effective organizational management and the ability for IT to spend less on maintenance and more on innovation.

  2. Enterprise Applications

    Select, deploy and modify the right packaged application, using Dell's comprehensive industry knowledge, deep expertise in packaged applications and robust consulting methodology.

  3. Dell Services IT Consulting for Communications and Collaboration Brochure

    Dell Services can help you imagine new ways to work and enable your team to stay connected anywhere, anytime.

  4. Unix to Linux Migration

    We provide Unix to Linux migration advice, roadmap planning, assessment of current infrastructure and design through to validation and deployment.

  5. Wireless Services

    Enjoy greater mobility and real-time data access, extend and leverage existing infrastructure, and enhance service to customers.

  6. Unified Communications

    Unified Communications (UC) integrates email, chat, fax, voice mail, telephony and audio/video conferencing with core Microsoft Office applications, and provides a framework for supporting mobile users.

  7. Storage for Server Virtualization

    Ensure that the most appropriate storage and backup solution is implemented with your virtual server infrastructure.

  8. SQL Server Services

    Let us help simplify the implementation, optimization and maintenance of SQL Server environments.

  9. Oracle Database Services

    End-to-end support for your Oracle database — enhance data availability and improve application performance, security, monitoring and management while lowering total cost of ownership.

  10. Network Management

    Use familiar tools and fewer management interfaces to monitor and maintain a less complex network.