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  1. Hutto ISD’s new digital classrooms boost student engagement and teacher adoption

    01 Jan 2017

    A rapidly growing K–12 district simplifies growth and increases engagement by giving students and staff faster, more reliable access to digital tools with Dell client and Dell EMC networking solutions that cut costs and improve control and flexibility.

  2. Shelby American creates a high-performance, secure network to power its future

    01 Dec 2016

    Deploying an IT infrastructure and connecting locations with Silver Peak SD-WAN and Dell EMC Networking solutions, the high-performance car maker saves $1,500 per month because of bandwidth efficiencies and reduces IT management time by 80 percent.

  3. Movement Mortgage enhances security and network performance

    01 Dec 2016

    Mortgage company protects critical data, boosts network performance and availability, centralizes management, and supports 75 percent yearly growth with Dell technologies.

  4. Beijing Genome Institute adopts a modular infrastructure to understand the mysteries of life

    01 Dec 2016

    One of the world’s leading genome sequencing institutes scales its HPC environment to continue support leading research and product development with a Dell modular architecture that reduces the total cost of ownership by 20 percent.

  5. AIT Austrian Institute of Technology supports 1,000+ researchers with streamlined IT partnership

    01 Dec 2016

    An Austrian research institute found a smarter way to meet the diverse IT needs of its scientists by standardising the way in which it provided IT, fulfilling 98 per cent of requests with Dell EMC as an end-to-end partner.

  6. Nickelodeon - Video

    01 Dec 2016

    Media innovator creates new characters for holiday special and realizes all of their team’s potential with Precision workstations.

  7. Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC) - Video

    01 Dec 2016

    Research center advances HPC and big data analytics resources for researchers nationwide with Wrangler, a Dell EMC flash storage based supercomputing platform.

  8. Reliable Security Sound and Data helps gaming industry customers enhance security

    01 Dec 2016

    IP video surveillance solution provider helps casinos avoid lost revenue and deliver more-reliable security applications, while reducing overhead costs by 20 percent, with end-to-end Dell EMC technologies.

  9. Tsinghua University's Protein Technology Center supports near-atomic structural studies

    01 Dec 2016

    A university in China leading genetic research around proteins supports near-atomic level structural studies, which are later published in international journals, using Dell modular infrastructure solutions featuring servers, storage and networking.

  10. 58.com increases average business process speed to drive growth

    01 Dec 2016

    An online classified ads site in China is helping its desk-centric and on-the-go workers be more productive with Dell desktops and notebooks, which have been catalysts in the website achieving 400 million monthly site users.