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  1. Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital-Plymouth prepares for ICD-10 compliance with help from Dell Services

    01 Mar 2015

    Large hospital teams up with the Dell Healthcare Management Consulting Practice Group to collaborate on ensuring ICD-10 compliance and reduce financial risk.

  2. The "Domoplaies" project uses Dell tablets to explore telemedicine in remote regions

    01 Mar 2015

    Two medical teams in France conduct a successful telemedicine trial using Dell tablets, exploring ways to improve services for patients in remote locations by creating a better access to needed care.

  3. University of York maintains legacy apps on virtual servers securely and with ease

    01 Mar 2015

    U.K. university uses Dell Wyse vWorkspace to provision virtualized services so staff and students can use legacy applications securely and quickly.

  4. Philadelphia Youth Network (PYN) - Video

    01 Mar 2015

    Philadelphia Youth Network improves its decision-making, data protection and security through partnership with Dell.

  5. MedEx (Beijing) Technology utilizes Dell Venue tablets for its mobile ECG test system

    01 Mar 2015

    Medical equipment provider in China develops the world’s smallest, mobile ECG test, speeding up patient diagnosis while helping medical facilities meet national healthcare standards, to be accessed on Dell Venue 11 Pro tablets.

  6. Seminole County Public Schools streamlines content filtering and systems management with Dell solutions

    01 Mar 2015

    School system deploys Dell KACE appliances and Dell SonicWALL next-generation firewalls to replace multiple existing systems, allowing the district to enable its digital curriculum, protect students with content filtering and efficiently manage 30,000 desktops and laptops, all within a budget.

  7. PT Sentra Inovasi Solusindo virtualizes its ERP platform and reduces its footprint

    01 Mar 2015

    Indonesian IT company drives expansion by refreshing ERP system on a Dell virtualized platform featuring PowerEdge servers, Networking switches and a Compellent storage array, thereby improving productivity while reducing management time.

  8. How Dell Does IT: Wyse vWorkspace

    01 Mar 2015

    The Dell IT team helps employees from recently acquired companies get on board faster, saves $200,000 in annual support costs, and simplifies management with the Dell Wyse vWorkspace VDI solution.

  9. Oak Lawn Marketing turns to Dell to update its unified communications platform

    01 Mar 2015

    Japanese retailer implemented a new communications platform that allows employees to work away from the office seamlessly and save on personal handy-phone system call charges through valuable consultation from Dell Infrastructure Consulting Services.

  10. Public Utility Commission of Texas updates its call center with new Dell technology

    01 Feb 2015

    Texas utility commission implements new Dell Networking technology, Dell SonicWALL firewalls and the Dell KACE 1000 Systems Management Appliance to ensure stability and streamline processes.