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  1. Simplify with Dell Cloud Services - Data Sheet

    Choose the right cloud computing solution to suit your time and budget. Dell Cloud Services provides assistance at every stage of your cloud journey — from concept, to design, to implementation.

  2. Operate, Manage and Monitor Cloud Computing - Data Sheet

    Learn how you can operate, manage and monitor your cloud computing infrastructure to increase efficiency. Dell offers an end-to-end perspective on operating cloud platforms with software and tools that lead to greater flexibility and scalability.

  3. Email Management Services Overview

    Learn how three Dell services can help you eliminate the downtime, compliance and financial risks of managing emails.

  4. Coffee Break Infrastructure for private cloud

    Creating an agile, manageable private cloud environment that enables efficiency and solves business problems isn’t easy. This paper examines the core IT capabilities required from your infrastructure components as you start on the journey of building a private cloud.

  5. Build a cloud services data sheet

    Is your organization weighing the advantages of the many choices in cloud migration? Dell’s Build A Cloud (BAC) Consulting Service offers clear choices based on our proven experience with VMware vCloud technology.

  6. Build Your Cloud Infrastructure - Data Sheet

    Learn how you can build a private cloud that helps automate and consolidate applications and data in your data center. Dell can help you build a secure cloud infrastructure that simplifies deployment and management, leveraging existing IT resources.

  7. Cloud adoption reaches a tipping point

    Has cloud passed a critical maturity level for IT? By all indications, IT is now fully committed to cloud adoption. The real question in IT today is no longer whether to adopt or if cloud is “real,” but how to ensure cloud investments bring rapid results without new liabilities and vulnerabilities.

  8. Building the business case for private cloud

    Drive down costs, improve application delivery, increase agility and help your organization meet customer and worker expectations with private and hybrid cloud.

  9. Coffee break hyper convered infrastructure for cloud

    The market for private cloud hardware and software is exploding as more IT departments make the transition from infrastructure-centric to service-centric application delivery. A key enabler for this next wave of growth will be the hyper converged infrastructure appliance. This paper summarizes how these appliances are a new approach to the market.

  10. Private cloud video

    This video promotes Dell's end-to-end VMware vCloud, Microsoft CloudOS Hyper-V and Red Hat OpenStack private and hybrid cloud solutions, including specific examples.