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  1. Optimizing end-to-end application migration and modernization

    Migrate business-critical UNIX applications to open, x86-based systems.

  2. Partner With the Leader in Windows Server 2003 Migrations

    10 Jul 2014

    This data sheet provides you an overview of how Dell can help you with comprehensive solutions at each stage of your Windows Server 2003 migration journey.

  3. Dell Compellent FS8600 Spec Sheet

    Unified storage as dynamic as your business

  4. Performance Testing and Engineering Services

    Learn how Dell helps you reduce business risks & save costs with performance testing and engineering services. Dell provides performance testing services across verticals, technologies and applications.

  5. Mainframe Re-hosting Software Data Sheet

    Reduce operational costs with Dell mainframe re-hosting software, which enables you to run online and batch workloads on cost-effective industry standard systems.

  6. Portfolio Assessment Datasheet

    Take the first step toward modernizing your legacy applications with a portfolio assessment.

  7. Re-architect Solution Data Sheet

    Reduce operational costs by migrating legacy systems to modern, agile platforms.

  8. Dell Fluid File System: Protecting Data on NAS Systems

    Traditional approaches to handling file data growth have proven to be costly, hard to manage, and difficult to scale effectively and efficiently. Dell™ Fluid File System (FluidFS) is designed to go beyond the limitations of traditional file systems with a flexible architecture that enables organizations to scale out and scale up non-disruptively

  9. Automate your clinical data protection with Dell Cloud Clinical Recovery Plus (DCCR+)

    The DCCR+ extends our core digital image archiving and distribution services, Dell Cloud Clinical Archive (DCCA), to provide cross-platform backup and rapid data recovery as a service for transactional databases and file systems.

  10. Dell Precision Optimizer - Whitepaper

    The Dell Precision Performance Optimizer (DPPO) is designed to help increase productivity by dynamically configuring a system, keeping the software up to date, and providing an easy-to-use tool which can track resources and their usage over a period of time. Optimization of system performance is essential to any organization dealing with growing application needs and limited resources. Workstation users have specific needs for their workflows that demand maximum performance and reliability so they can remain focused on being creative. However, on any workstation, certain sub-systems may be over-utilized or under-utilized based on the activities being performed.