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  1. Dell and Nexenta Software Defined Storage

    Dell™ and Nexenta™ software-defined storage solutions offer a comprehensive suite of storage management services that run on Dell servers and disk enclosures. Delivering highly flexible software-defined storage, Dell and Nexenta solutions provide benefits such as SAN and native NAS protocol support, unlimited snapshots and cloning, block and file replication, inline deduplication, and comprehensive management capabilities.

  2. PowerVault LTO

    Highlights of the PowerVault LTO tape family of standalone drives, autoloaders and tape libraries.

  3. SanDisk DAS Cache Product Specification Sheet

    15 Jul 2016

    Read more about this server-level caching solution for Direct-Attached storage (DAS), which accelerates application performance. Brought to you by Dell; and for use with select 13th generation, FX, and R920 Dell PowerEdge™ servers; this solution can enable substantial performance increases for workloads such as OLTP, OLAP, HPC, and Business Analytics.

  4. Dell Storage SC7000 Spec Sheet

    Manage your future data requirements with the unified block and file Dell Storage SC7000 Series. Combine SAN performance with feature-rich NAS capabilities on a single array to overcome a variety of storage obstacles. With multiprotocol options and proven enterprise features, you can ensure your data center has the flexibility required to grow with your business.

  5. Enterprise Storage: Tough Criteria for Today’s Digital Business Demands

    Dell Storage SC Series delivers on the six key requirements that organizations, large and small, have for modern storage solutions: 1. Storage platform hardware and architecture 2. Storage performance and efficiency 3. Storage scalability 4. Storage availability 5. Storage management 6. Storage economics

  6. Dell Storage SC Series intelligent storage foundation infographic

    This infographic provides a high-level view of Dell Storage SC Series from smart software features and storage management to a flexible, scalable architecture.

  7. Strengthening connections across campus

    John A. Logan College needed to increase wireless coverage and upgrade its IT infrastructure to support new web-based services. They deployed Dell wired and wireless technologies, servers with Intel® technology, storage arrays and firewalls to add data center capacity, boost campus network performance and wireless coverage, and ensure a secure experience for users.

  8. Dell’s One Network Strategy Is Transforming the Campus

    “In a market full of products that have been designed around maintaining the status quo, there are some vendors who are challenging the norm and bringing products to market that reduce lock-in and provide more flexibility — Dell Networking is one of these.” – Moor Insights & Strategy

  9. Dell Precision Tower 7810 XL workstation spec sheet

    Dell’s mainstream dual socket tower workstation in compact chassis offering 3 year stable platform

  10. Security simplified by Dell

    12 Jul 2016

    Revolutionary prevention for today's threat landscape