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  1. Anson Primary School - Video

    01 Feb 2013

    Pupils at UK Primary School engage more during lesson time with interactive ways of learning using Dell Latitude™ 10 Tablets, bringing the technology of the home into the classrooms.

  2. Versant GmbH - Video

    01 Feb 2013

    Germany-based Versant wanted to standardise its IT on reliable technology to help develop high performance database software. With Dell servers and storage, the company now tests new software around 80 per cent faster.

  3. HFF

    01 Jan 2013

    HFF standardized on Dell OptiPlex desktop computers and Dell Latitude laptops because they are flexible enough to meet the needs of every HFF user. By standardizing on Dell systems, HFF streamlines IT management.

  4. Gome - Video

    01 Jan 2013

    Gome transforms business model by implementing an eCommerce strategy using Dell DRAGON logistics running on a virtualized platform powered by Dell PowerEdge servers.

  5. Law Offices of Aaron I. Katsman, P.C. - Video

    01 Dec 2012

    The Law Offices of Aaron Katsman improves employee productivity and customer service by virtualizing its servers and desktops.

  6. Menzies Aviation - Video

    01 Nov 2012

    Leading provider of passenger, ramp and cargo-handling services Menzies Aviation successfully deploys Windows Server 2012 and significantly reduces software costs

  7. Hall County School District - Video

    01 Nov 2012

    Transforming education through blended learning.

  8. Tippett Studio - Video

    01 Oct 2012

    Dell Precision workstations improved rendering speed and lowered total cost of ownership for Tippett Studio.

  9. Michael Dell on customer commitment video

    14 Oct 2011

    Committed to customer-inspired solutions that drive better business results

  10. Troon Golf

    01 Oct 2011

    Troon Golf wanted to make it easier for its managed golf courses to adopt an IT lifecycle management strategy, so it set up a leasing option through Dell Financial Services.