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  1. PowerEdge T630 Solutions Brief

    Customers of all sizes consulted with Dell, stating their requirements for a powerful and versatile rackable tower server that provides peak two-processor performance, huge internal storage capacity, and extensive configuration flexibility to adapt to a wide range of demanding workloads.

  2. Scale-out and scale-up flash storage: optimizing business-critical workloads

    The proliferation of mobile applications, social networking, business applications and analytics —combined with exponential data growth — is driving the need for faster processing with high I/O performance and reduced response times. For all of its benefits, a storage solution that applies a common disk medium across multiple, diverse applications cannot deliver appropriate response times, sometimes sacrificing performance for economy. While flash storage is the leading technology for turbocharging I/O-intensive applications by delivering low latencies and ultra-fast response times, it’s less cost-efficient for cold data.

  3. Solution Brief: Microsoft Cloud

    Accelerate your journey to the Cloud with Dell Web-scale Solutions for Microsoft Environments

  4. VDI with Citrix XenDesktop and VMware vSphere on Dell Storage PS4210XS Hybrid Storage Arrays

    Desktop virtualization is an important strategy for organizations seeking to reduce the cost and complexity of managing an expanding variety of client desktops, laptops, and mobile handheld devices. Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) offers an opportunity to not only reduce the operational expenses for desktop management and provisioning but also to improve user mobility and data security.

  5. Dell Compellent Automated Tiered Storage for Oracle OLAP Workloads

    26 Apr 2012

    Learn about the many performance and cost benefits achieved by automating the movement and management of data throughout its life cycle using Dell Compellent Automated Storage Tiering technology for Oracle OLAP workloads.

  6. Dell Consolidating OLTP Workloads on Dell PowerEdge R720

    10 Mar 2012

    Learn the advantages of consolidating an Oracle database running OLTP workloads to fewer and faster nodes and discover why Dell PowerEdge R720 servers are suitable platforms for consolidation from legacy server environments.