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  1. Utah Participating Addendum

    State of Utah Participating Addendum to the WSCA-NASPO Data Communications Master Price Agreement.

  2. Dell Networking S5000

    In the "Dell Networking S5000: The Building Blocks of Unified Fabric and LAN/SAN Convergence"

  3. Dell Networking Z9500 Fabric Switch

    This whitepaper explains the evolution of fixed form factor switches to Dell's unique pay-as-you grow licensing.

  4. Dell Networking S6000 in a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

    This is a Miercom lab test of the Dell Networking S6000 high-performance 10/40 GbE Top-of-rack Switch. Hands-on Testing Verifies Excellent End-User QoE and Substantial Scalability in Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Environment

  5. Utah

    The pricing in the state store listed below is reflective of WSCA | NASPO Contract # B27160.

  6. Dell Networking IAP175AC/IAP175P Spec Sheet

    The multifunction Dell PowerConnect W-AP175 Series access points are hardened outdoor dual-radio 802.11n access points (AP) designed to provide maximum deployment flexibility in high-density campuses, storage yards, warehouses, container/transportation facilities, extreme industrial production areas and other harsh environments. The high-performance W-AP175 Series delivers wirelike performance at data rates up to 300 Mbps per radio and is available in three models: W-AP175P operating from standard 802.3at power-over-Ethernet (PoE+) source, W-AP175AC operating from 100–240 volt AC power source and W-AP175DC operating from a 12–48 volt DC power supply. Both W-AP175AC and W-AP175DC powered models provide an 802.2af PoE power source on the Ethernet interface.

  7. Dell Networking 7200 Series Controllers Spec Sheet

    The Dell Networking W-7200 mobility controller is optimized for campuses needing high-capacity WLAN for users, devices and application delivery to ensure the best mobility experience.

  8. WSCA Data Communications Master Price Agreement (Networking)

    Data Communications Master Agreement between Dell and NASPO-WSCA.

  9. Dell W-Series AP104/105 Spec Sheet

    The multifunction Dell PowerConnect W-AP104 and W-AP105 are indoor, dual-radio 802.11n access points (AP) designed for high-density deployments in offices, hospitals, schools and retail stores. These compact, high-speed APs deliver wirelike performance at data rates up to 300 Mbps per radio.

  10. Dell Networking 6000 Series Controllers Spec Sheet

    Designed to meet a wide range of mobility, security and management of corporate headquarters and large campus deployments, Dell PowerConnect W-6000 Mobility Controllers can be easily deployed without disrupting the existing wired network.