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  1. Windows Server 2012 Consistent Device Naming (CDN)

    11 Sep 2012

    Ensure that your devices are named in a consistent and predictable manner with the Consistent Device Naming (CDN) feature of Windows Server 2012 for Dell 12th-generation servers. Discover how CDN can help speed up the deployment of your network tools.

  2. High Available and Scalable Performance with PowerEdge R720

    07 Sep 2012

    Meet your business performance needs while reducing downtime with Dell 3-2-1 Reference Configurations. Review the test results conducted by Principled Technologies and build up additional components for your growing business.

  3. Scalable Performance and Simplicity in Setup

    07 Sep 2012

    Deliver the performance your business needs with Dell 3-2-1 Reference Configurations. Review the test results and discover how you can leverage the scalability of the Dell 3-2-1 solution to build up additional components for your growing business.

  4. Accelerating the benefits of Windows Server 2012

    05 Sep 2012

    Discover how you can accelerate the benefits of your Windows Server 2012 OS — in terms of infrastructure, storage, network and power manageability, virtualization and reliability — with Dell 12th-generation PowerEdge servers.

  5. Windows Server 2012 Single Root I/O Virtualization

    27 Aug 2012

    Enhance the performance and speed up your VM network with the SR-IOV feature of Microsoft Windows Server 2012. Discover how SR-IOV increases your TCP throughput, enabling you to virtualize demanding workloads and reduce processor utilization.

  6. Windows Server 2012 Offloaded Data Transfer

    27 Aug 2012

    Reduce processor utilization of your server storage with Offloaded Data Transfer (ODX), a performance enhancement feature available in Windows Server 2012. Discover how ODX can help you get the most out of your Dell Compellent and EqualLogic storage.

  7. vStart 50m Fast Track with Windows Server 2012

    23 Aug 2012

    Bring agility to your organization and achieve the benefits of virtualization rapidly with Dell vStart 50m, a pre-engineered and prebuilt virtualization solution optimized for Microsoft Windows Server 2012.

  8. Dell DVS reference architecture for Windows Server 2012

    14 Aug 2012

    Review the architecture, configuration, implementation considerations and performance analysis of Dell Desktop Virtualization Solutions (DVS) for Windows Server 2012 running on Dell Force10 switch, PowerEdge servers, EqualLogic storage and Wyse endpoints.

  9. Understanding Microsoft Offloaded Data Transfer on EqualLogic arrays

    08 Aug 2012

    Optimize your Dell EqualLogic PS Series storage area networks (SANs) with the Offloaded Data Transfer (ODX) feature — a bulk data transfer functionality of Microsoft Windows Server 2012 that helps improve compute utilization.

  10. Dell and Microsoft deliver a unique platform for converged data centers

    08 Aug 2012

    Learn how the Dell Converged Data Center solution, configured with Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V platform, can help you rapidly deploy a computing infrastructure, maximize IT efficiency and enhance system agility.