Absolute Software

Track, Manage and Protect Your Digital World

Absolute® Software provides end point security and management solutions that help you to reduce IT costs, prove regulatory compliance, respond to computer theft and optimize productivity.

Computrace and Absolute Secure Drive for End Point Security
Computrace® products help you to centrally track and secure your IT assets within a single, cloud-based console. Easily identify computers that have gone missing, enforce software policies and recover stolen computers. Most importantly, remotely invoke preemptive and reactive security measures to safeguard each device and the data it contains.

Computrace technology is embedded into the BIOS or firmware of many Dell laptops or you can easily install it yourself. Dell customers with Computrace enjoy a level of persistence that is virtually tamperproof, providing them with a trusted lifeline to each computer in their deployment. 

Absolute Secure Drive supports the evolution of encryption by providing you with the technology to manage self-encrypting drives (SEDs). 

Absolute Manage for Endpoint Management
Absolute Manage allows IT administrators to manage PC, Mac and iOS devices (iPhone®, iPod touch® and iPad™) from within a single console. Remotely manage deployments within the administrator console and perform standard maintenance routines as well as take strategic and responsive measures based upon the requirements of each device.

Absolute Manage is authentically cross-platform and can be installed on your existing infrastructure without any need to invest in additional servers or hardware components.

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