Microsoft Enterprise Agreement

For Standardization in Organizations With 250 or More Desktops

Designed for organizations with 250 or more desktops, Enterprise Agreement allows you to standardize on your choice of Microsoft® Enterprise products (Microsoft Office Professional, Microsoft Windows® Professional Upgrade and Core Client Access License) at discounted prices based on a three-year agreement term across all PCs in your organization. Enterprise Subscription Agreement enables you to subscribe to — rather than purchase — Microsoft software licenses.

With Enterprise, you get lower total cost of ownership, annual payments over the three-year term and improved workplace productivity by standardizing on Microsoft software. And with Software Assurance, you get eligibility for the latest upgrades, deployment support and training for all enrolled products.

Enterprise Agreements are a direct contract with Microsoft in conjunction with Enterprise Service Advisor (ESA). The total quantity of qualified desktops is used to determine the pricing level for the enterprise products. The Enterprise Agreement simplifies license administration by only requiring a single transaction to acquire licenses across the entire enterprise. You get immediate access at all times to the most current versions of the enterprise platform products elected in the agreement.

With this program, you can establish set software prices for three years, simplifying budgeting and providing predictable software costs for the term of your agreement. While under agreement, there is no need to track license usage or software versions, reducing risk from license noncompliance and associated costs.

Enterprise Subscription Details

Microsoft Enterprise Subscription Agreement is a software volume licensing program designed for corporate customers, with 250 or more desktops, who prefer to subscribe to — rather than purchase — Microsoft software licenses. You can standardize the enterprise by licensing Microsoft Enterprise products (Microsoft Office Professional, Microsoft Windows Professional Upgrade, and Core Client Access License) at discounted prices. Additional products available under subscription offer a broad selection including Visio®, Project, Windows servers and Exchange servers.

Businesses, with a minimum of 250 desktops, that wish to license 100 percent of their qualified desktops for a three-year period, can initiate a subscription. Non-perpetual software use rights provide temporary use of software with an option to buy out software licenses for permanent use rights.

An annual PC count enables an organization to shape software license acquisition needs around fluctuations in the enterprise. Annual payments for the three-year enrollment term keep budgeting predictable, with a renewal option of one or three years.

Software Assurance

Strengthen your purchasing power and get more from your software investments with Microsoft’s Software Assurance. By adding Software Assurance, you get automatic access to software upgrades plus tools, training and support to help your organization deploy and use software efficiently.

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