Microsoft Select License Program

For Organizations With Mixed Purchasing Requirements

Microsoft® Select Licensing Program was designed for corporate, government and academic customers with 250 or more desktops, and mixed product and purchasing requirements. Its benefits include:

  • Ease of use — Simply acquire and pay for the software license and software assurance as needed
  • Convenient license acquisition with simple monthly order confirmations for new licenses
  • License acquisition through multiple purchasing locations for various departments or subsidiaries located throughout the world
  • Software for training — Get up to 20 copies of most Microsoft software for training purposes
  • The ability to stay current with the option to purchase Microsoft® Software Assurance for each license

The Select License offers customers a flexible, tiered, volume-based program that gives an organization a simple way to order and acquire licenses. Select License pricing is based on a forecast of the total volume of Microsoft software licenses you expect to acquire over a three-year period. Forecast your needs within product pools for applications, systems and servers. The product pools allow you to aggregate purchases across an entire category of products to achieve better volume pricing.

Software Assurance
Strengthen your purchasing power and get more from your software investments with Microsoft Software Assurance. By adding Software Assurance, you get automatic access to software upgrades, plus tools, training and support to help your organization deploy and use software efficiently.

  1. Microsoft Services Provider License Agreement

    14 Nov 2011

    The Services Provider License Agreement (SPLA) is pay-as-you-go Microsoft Licensing for OEM retailers.

  2. Microsoft Developer Tools

    07 Feb 2012

    Microsoft Visual Studio Team System with the Team Foundation Server offers a unified development environment and programming model for constructing a range of software solutions.

  3. Microsoft Desktop Applications

    07 Feb 2012

    With the 2010 Microsoft Office system, you can save valuable time, organize your workload, manage your information, stay connected and collaborate better.

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