Websense Volume Software Licensing Program

Websense Volume Licensing

If you've never considered purchasing your software under a Volume License Agreement (VLA), you're probably missing a cost-saving opportunity for your organization. With VLAs, you can:

  • Save money — Software licensing prices are based on the number of licenses you purchase — the more you purchase, the greater your discount. Compared to buying retail boxed products, you could save more than 30 percent when buying your software through a licensing program.
  • Simplify purchases — Licensing makes it easy to purchase software for your organization. You can add users by purchasing additional licenses, instead of worrying about buying and shipping boxes to multiple locations.
  • Protect your investment — Help maximize your software purchase with Upgrade Protection or Software Assurance, also known as Software Maintenance. This allows you to receive any updates that are released on the products you own throughout the duration of your licensing agreement. You'll always have the most up-to-date version of your software. And many publishers, like Microsoft® for instance, also include many other important benefits when you purchase maintenance.
  • Manage IT expenses — Focusing on IT asset management lets you control expenses on several levels. For instance, you can decrease support needs when you standardize software versions in use across your network. And, as you understand the assets you've purchased and how they've been deployed, you can stay compliant and avoid overbuying. In sum, you'll reduce the amount you spend on IT assets over time.

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