Application Transformation

Transform your infrastructure and embrace new technologies

As a federal agency IT director or manager, chances are that a large portion of your budget is going toward supporting legacy systems and applications. But many of these legacy environments simply can’t handle today’s needs without time-consuming challenges and workarounds, generating headaches and higher costs.

Your transformation starts now.

Our Application Renewal and Transformation Services for Federal Government enable smooth migration and modernization of applications from legacy environments to modern languages, architectures and runtime environments – without disrupting agency operations. Our services will help you achieve future-ready government IT reform by cutting costs, increasing productivity and quickly respond to agency demands.

We can help you: 
  • Transition your IT investment from maintenance to innovation.
  • Prepare your agency for continual growth in addition to helping you quickly adapt and respond to changing demands.
  • Create a transformation roadmap in which your investment is allocated appropriately and executed on value-based programs and projects.
  • Enable a framework for the transformation to the cloud.
Federal Services
Learn more about our Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) authorized cloud offering.
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Managed Cloud ServicesManaged Cloud ServicesEnd-User IT Outsourcing Services
Easily move legacy mainframe and UNIX systems to lower-cost, more agile system architectures while preserving application code, data and end-user interfaces. You can save as much as 30 to 70 percent on annual operating costs. Learn more about our Re-Hosting Services.
Redevelop applications to take advantage of modern architectures that support cloud, mobile and virtualized deployments. You will retain agency functionality without disrupting mission-critical organization operations or service delivery. See how re-architected applications can save you time and money.
Portfolio Assessment
Gain a 360-degree view of a single application or your complete portfolio to clearly understand how current code, data and process support their organization. Design a migration strategy and roadmap to modernize your customer's specific agency environment. Start your assessment today.

Learning library 
Learn the best ways get the cloud services that best suits your federal agency needsLearn all about our three-point cloud strategy and the benefits of cloud transformation in government
Learn all about our three-point cloud strategy and the benefits of cloud transformation in government 
Unlock Your Applications to Do MoreIdentify the cloud services that best suit your federal agency needs.Our three-point cloud strategy ushers in cloud transformation in government

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