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Boosting productivity in web and tech

Web companies earn their living from internet-based innovation. For you, IT is not a line-item expense — it is your engine for revenue. Your IT focus is facilitating code development and the challenge is to deploy infrastructure in a way that doesn't slow down or jeopardize that development.

Dell can help web and tech companies:

  • Keep developers productive and innovative
  • Manage and interpret huge amounts of data 
  • Oversee systems and protect efficiencies in a scaled-out environment
Discover how our community-inspired, Dell™ XPS™ 13 laptop, developer edition can make you and your team more productive. What began as project Sputnik — a Dell skunkworks effort — is now an official product. Thanks to the interest and support of developers around the world, this client-to-cloud solution is ready for your next project.

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Foster Innovation

Foster innovation
Web developers build their applications on open-source frameworks. Dell is a strong believer and supporter of open-source software in the web space, offering solutions such as Dell OpenStack™-Powered Cloud Solution and Dell | Apache Hadoop solution. We also open sourced and made available to the community the code for Crowbar, the Dell-developed software framework for rapid platform deployment and system configuration.

Optimize Big Data

Optimize big data
Manage and extract value from vast and growing amounts of structured and unstructured data. Build your analytics applications on top of Dell | Cloudera Solution, our clustered big data platform that is easy to set up and maintain with Dell Crowbar framework.
 Deploy on your termsDeploy on your terms
Dell Crowbar software framework enables you to easily deploy, configure and manage scaled-out architectures. These architectures can be based on hardware solutions, such as the PowerEdge™ C series servers and the Modular Data Center, which accommodate growth and scale, and which lower power requirements. Combine these systems with open-source software-based solutions such as Dell OpenStack-Powered Cloud Solution and Dell | Apache Hadoop. Rely on Dell SecureWorks® for a full range of security services that provide fully managed, comanaged and on-demand security solutions to meet your needs.
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