High-Performance Database Solution

Test tomorrow’s strategy while executing today’s

With the High-Performance Database Solution from Dell and Kove, your business can simultaneously execute algorithmic trades while back-testing that same data, without performance interruption.

That means you can put tested models into action much sooner to optimize revenues and make better trades, reducing your trades’ credit, market and operations risks.

Our High-Performance Database Solution is purpose-built for securities firms, offering these benefits:
  • Resides on a Kove® XPD™ L2 storage disk and controller co-located on your Dell PowerEdge server for faster caching
  • Runs against your high-performance kdb+ database and accelerates processing by deploying virtually all the DRAM you will ever need
  • Accelerates faster than flash, spinning-disk or solid-state technologies; in fact, our stack achieved the highest performance ranking ever in 14 out of 17 Securities Technology Analysis Center (STAC)-M3 benchmarks
  • Performs at 12x the speed of the next-best Market Snapshot benchmark
  • Excels at 5x the speed of the next-best Theoretical P&L benchmark
  • Achieves 4x the speed of the next-best VWAB-Day and Week Hi Bid benchmarks
  • Offers predictable low latency along with high concurrency for linear scaling
Contact a Dell financial markets expert to learn how our High-Performance Database Solution can enable you to run analytics in just a few minutes per quant.

Performance results based on testing by the Securities Technology Analysis Center.

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  1. Kove® XPD2 DRAM storage disk and controller

    Kove XPD L2 DRAM storage disk and controller

    Discover more about the XPD L2, which delivers I/O (input/output) up to 28.5GB/sec bandwidth and 11.7 million sustained and random I/O operations per second (IOPS), without degradation due to wear or low disk space.

  2. Dell PowerEdge blade server

    Dell PowerEdge blade servers

    Learn more about the Dell PowerEdge blade servers that drive our database solution. A purpose-built blade server boosts performance with minimal space and power consumption in your data center.

  1. Performance Assessment

    Performance assessment

    Find out how your specific databases' performance metrics could improve with the adoption of the high-performance solution. Contact us to discuss whether your organization qualifies for a no-cost, no-obligation on-site assessment.

  2. Dell Solutions Centers

    Dell Solution Centers

    Schedule a proof-of-concept session to see the Dell High-Performance Database Solution in action. Break some benchmark records of your own by running the appliance against your actual data.

  3. Data Center Deployment

    Data center deployment

    Use on-site server deployment and remote storage setup to accelerate production and optimize data center performance with minimal disruption and cost.

  1. Click here to read PDF

    Turning Data Deluge into Opportunities for Financial Trading


    Improve your trading performance with Dell/Kove High-Performance Database Solution — a preconfigured and validated market data processing infrastructure running on PowerEdge server, XPD L2 storage system and InfiniBand network.

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    STAC M3 benchmark results

    Review the STAC-M3 test results assessing operational performance with a large storage of market data using our High-Performance Database Solution. (Registration required.)

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    Article: Kove is the fastest STAC-M3 ever recorded in 14 of 17 tests

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