DVS Simplified Appliance

DVS Simplified Appliance

Get the benefit of a simple, practical virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solution with the Dell™ Desktop Virtualization Solutions (DVS) Simplified Appliance. This solution helps you simplify desktop virtualization implementation by consolidating the latest generation 12G PowerEdge servers with factory-installed software and Dell support.

For about the same price as a traditional client device, you can get all the benefits of virtualized desktops ― improved security, increased flexibility and simplified desktop management ― in one easy-to-use appliance:

  • Simple. Eliminate installation complexity with integrated, pre-configured hardware and factory-installed software and hypervisors. Wizard-driven setup and configuration enables you to deploy the DVS Simplified Appliance in as little as four hours. You can support up to 129 users on each appliance.
  • Affordable. Drive down costs with no-compromise components, including Citrix® VDI-in-a-Box software and Dell ProSupport. Basic configuration costs less than $500 per user, and the increased capabilities of Dell’s latest generation of PowerEdge servers enable you to support up to 66 percent more users on every appliance.
  • Practical. Any time, any place, any device secure access for your workforce. The DVS Simplified Appliance also streamlines virtual desktop support and maintenance.
  • End-to-end with Dell Wyse cloud clients. Deliver a complete solution ― from the server to the end point ― with Dell Wyse cloud clients. Dell Wyse cloud clients can help you lower your total cost of ownership (TCO) while enabling extremely effective security. With Dell Wyse clients, you can deliver the best possible user experience at a fraction of the ongoing cost of traditional methods.

To learn more about the DVS Simplified Appliance solution:

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The DVS Simplified Appliance integrates factory-installed Citrix® VDI-in-a-Box software and Citrix XenServer® on a preconfigured Dell™ PowerEdge™ R720 or T620 server. Additional components and functions include:

  • VDI Manager (VDI MGR) software: Creates and manages virtual desktops on physical servers and manages grid architecture. Runs as a virtual machine and is imported as a .xva or .ovf.
  • Desktop agent (kDA): Agent software communicates with VDI MGR about user login/logout and virtual desktop health. The agent software resides on each hosted virtual machine.
  • Hypervisor: Hosts all the virtual desktops (client OS), apps, kDA Agents, VDI MGR virtual machine. The DVS Simplified Appliance supports Citrix XenServer or Microsoft® Hyper-V™ hypervisors.
  • Dell PowerEdge R720 and T620 servers: Chose either the R720 or T620 server to power your solution. Servers are preconfigured and optimized to achieve an ideal balance of price and performance.
  • Grid server architecture: Auto load-balances user workloads across the grid. Wizard-based setup simplifies management and scalability.
  • Dell ProSupport: Delivers comprehensive 3-year hardware and software support, including access to experts 24x7x365. Dell ProSupport™ is included in the DVS Simplified Appliance solution.

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Simple to deploy and manage

  • Simplified VDI appliances integrate factory-installed software on preconfigured hardware.
  • Wizard-based set up and implementation cuts deployment time from quarters/months to weeks/days.
  • Simple grid architecture scales easily.
  • The management console requires no special expertise.
  • Modular, scale-out appliances can automatically balance loads within the grid architecture.


  • Integrated, all-in-one VDI appliances reduce installation, configuration, deployment and management costs.
  • Small and midsized deployments can get the benefit of rapid ROI.
  • Single vendor solution, simplifies purchasing and support.
  • Optional Dell JumpStart services include remote and on-site installation/configuration, infrastructure assessment, image migration and network optimization.


  • Management console centralizes IT control.
  • N+1 grid architecture provides built in redundancy, automatic fail over and desktop load balancing across the grid if a server fails.
  • The server grid auto-configures to support added appliances.
  • VDI software centralizes brokering, load balancing, desktop provisioning and image management on the server.
  • All-in-one solution easily integrates with existing networks and client computing systems to support small and midsize deployments.
  • Citrix® HDX® technology delivers a rich end-user experience.

Dell ProSupport and Professional Services

DVS Simplified Appliance includes 3 years of hardware support and software maintenance through Dell ProSupport™. Access to experts 24x7x365 can help resolve appliance issues quickly and effectively. Additionally, Dell ProSupport provides software updates, bug fixes/patches and product updates for Citrix® VDI-in-a-Box, Microsoft® Hyper-V™ and Citrix XenServer® hypervisors.

With Dell ProSupport, you can expect:
  • Maximize uptime with the help of expert DVS Simplified Appliance technicians
  • Software support for Citrix VDI-in-a-Box and XenServer
  • Next Business Day On-Site Service and optional four-hour response time
Additionally, Dell offers the following optional value-added services in support of DVS Simplified Appliance:
  • Jump-Start Training: This 4-hour remote engagement helps you configure your appliance and train your staff; this becomes a 2-hour engagement if you combine it with Remote Configuration Services.
  • Remote Configuration Services: Configures your DVS Simplified Appliance remotely and provides jump-start training in tandem with the configuration activities.
  • On-Site Installation Services: Remote configuration equivalent, with the addition of client installation/configuration.
  • BluePrint Assessment Services: Provides a detailed, data-driven assessment of your client computing environment, including users, devices, applications and infrastructure. Dell collects and analyzes the data to provide both the business and technical baselines you need to make informed decisions.
  • BluePrint Assessment Lite Services: Provides a detailed data-driven assessment of your client computing environment, including users, devices, applications and infrastructure. You collect the data and Dell conducts the analysis to provide both the business and technical baselines you need to make informed decisions.
  • Network Optimization Services: Conducts a comprehensive assessment/evaluation to ensure your network is optimized for DVS Simplified.
  • Image Creation Services: Converts existing physical desktop client images into virtual images suitable for importing into the DVS Simplified management environment.
Use the directions on the Dell Support page to get your appliance up and running. The clickable illustrations below highlight the simplified deployment and management processes.
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    Desktop Virtualization Solutions Simplified Brochure


    Simplify adoption and reduce the costs of desktop virtualization with the Dell DVS Simplified Appliance, an all-in-one VDI solution designed to streamline your desktop management processes.

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    End-User Computing in Today’s Virtual Era


    Learn about key factors in deploying a VDI and discover the benefits of using Dell Desktop Virtualization Solutions (DVS) Simplified to help you realize desktop virtualization benefits while avoiding high costs and complexities.

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    Desktop Virtualization Solutions Simplified Reference Architecture


    Dell’s DVS Simplified Appliance is a simple, practical VDI appliance designed specifically to help you address the business and technical challenges of mid-sized virtual desktop deployments and unlock innovation and productivity enabled by the mobile “consumerization” era. The pre-configured DVS Simplified Appliance pre-integrates hardware and software, simplifying your cloud client computing implementation and accelerating your time to value.

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    Building a Business Case


    Simplify your desktop virtualization with Dell DVS Simplified Appliance. Discover how you can overcome the cost and complexity of desktop virtualization by deploying an affordable, manageable and scalable solution into your organization.