Analytics and Business Intelligence

Gain insight with advanced analytics and business intelligence

With the new consumer focus for health plans and the new risk-based contracting approach, data analytics is becoming increasingly important to health plans. From understanding consumer market characteristics to predicting and managing medical risks for patient populations, analytics will be critical to success.

We can help you move beyond traditional descriptive analytics and unwieldy data warehouse strategies. With our advanced data integration and management tools and our analytics expertise and applications, we can help you turn your data into predictive insights that will help you attract the customers you need and manage costs and risk. We can guide you in these key areas:
  • Data integration, reporting and analytic insights – Develop a foundational data warehouse to establish information governance, with a flexible framework for compliance reporting and integration with newer channels like insurance exchanges.
  • Core health plan analytics – Implement analytics built on foundational data to deliver business insights focused on care and claims analytics, as well as financial, utilization and provider reporting.
  • Consumer-centric analytics – Enhance consumer understanding by integrating attitudinal, demographic and medical data to drive consumer-centric business processes.
Get a 360-degree view of your customers
The Dell Single Score tool can combine clinical and claims data with member-generated social media and lifestyle data to get a real-time, 360-degree view of your customers. The insights you gain can make your marketing more effective, help detect fraud, and help you recognize and intervene when members are dissatisfied with medical care or your services. You gain the power to make a difference when it matters the most.

Integrate and manage even the largest data sets
Our integration tools can help you turn disparate data streams into a clear data set for analysis. We can provide tools for more efficient management and storage of data, either on site or in our secure healthcare cloud. Our big data platforms can help you rapidly analyze extremely large data sets to quickly find the insights you need.

Consulting services to guide your efforts
Our business, clinical and data science experts can assess your operations and help you create an effective analytics strategy tailored to your business needs.

On site or cloud-based services
We can help you install analytics and data management capabilities in your data center or provide our applications as a service via our secure healthcare cloud. We can also support your data center with affordable cloud storage, available as you need it.
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