Secure Healthcare Cloud


Put the cloud to work for you—and your patients.

The Dell Secure Healthcare Cloud provides an environment in which you easily comply with HIPAA requirements for security, disaster recovery and patient privacy. We can host your applications, help you build your own private cloud, or integrate our solutions with your existing infrastructure.

A leader in cloud computing, we’ve spent over a decade building cloud environments, at the same time establishing a proven record of matching specific business needs with secure, enterprise-class solutions. We will help you build a secure healthcare cloud with the administrative, physical and technical controls necessary to meet the requirements of clinical data management.

The Dell Secure Healthcare Cloud features:
  • A secure, multi-tenant cloud specific to healthcare customers
  • An environment that meets or exceeds HIPAA requirements for security and disaster recovery
  • Hardened, high availability for guaranteed service levels
  • Logically partitioned network, computer and storage layers
  • Data management features, including policy-driven data access and deletion
  • Interoperability to ease integration, Single Sign-On (SSO) and Message Passing Interface (MPI)
  • Support for secured mobile devices to enable clinician mobility
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements for Medical Devices — Quality Management Systems (ISO13485:2003 certified)
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