Consumer Engagement

Engage consumers with a proven, robust health insurance exchange

Manage customer enrollment, education and engagement with proven Dell technology solutions for insurance exchanges. Our robust, user-friendly Web portal can be deployed quickly and efficiently. Rely on our team to help you design, price and implement an exchange IT environment for public or private use that will be cost-effective, efficient, secure and fully compliant with regulatory guidance.

  • Extend the power of your portal with mobile and retail access. Expand the accessibility of your portal to consumers by adding apps for mobile device access and placing kiosks in convenient retail locations. You’ll add convenience to the user experience while getting new visibility for your brand.
  • Build your brand with a social media presence. Promote your portal and your brand with social media channels. Dell is an industry leader in using social media to engage with and understand consumers. We can help with social media strategy, a listening command center, and consulting to help you make effective use of social media channels.
  • Engage consumers with a full-service individual exchange portal. Our easy-to-use, full-service portal enables consumers to shop, get online quotes and apply for all types of benefits. Pre-qualifying questions help consumers find the plans that fit their needs, and the fast quote-to-card process gets approved members on the plan quickly. For public exchanges, federal tax credit adjustments can be applied. After purchasing coverage, members can manage their accounts online, including viewing invoices, making payments and choosing a primary care provider.
  • Simplify management of group exchanges. Our self-service portal for employers and employees makes managing employee coverage easy. Employers can set defined contributions, and employees can get quotes and select a plan quickly and easily. Members can make payments, see current invoices and payment history and manage account functions such as choosing a physician and registering dependents.
    Brokers and employers can use the portal to administer open enrollment; make selections and corrections for employees; approve employee selections; manage dependent eligibility, life events and COBRA eligibility; and view census and benefit reports.
  • Enhance your call center for better customer service. With our experience in managing call centers around the globe, Dell Services can help your existing call center prepare for insurance exchange customer intake and management. Or, we can create and manage a custom health insurance call center for you.
  • Create a “one-stop” customer service portal. We design our portals with the flexibility and scalability to handle the dual stresses of quickly enrolling new customers while also providing the long-term services needed to manage an exchange. Our portals help create a “one-stop” customer experience to minimize frustration and increase satisfaction.
  • Quickly add staff for open enrollment or ongoing service. Mobilize resources on demand — we can provide highly skilled staff on a temporary or permanent basis to work under your direction. Staff can be on site within days of your request.
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    Health Insurance Exchanges


    Connect quickly and easily with your customers using Dell Exchange Connector — a solution that enables you to publish once to multiple health insurance exchanges using Dell’s flexible, modular service oriented architecture–based platform.

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