Mobile Clinical Computing

Improve clinician efficiency, secure patient data and increase IT productivity

Healthcare is a dynamic industry that faces constant demand to innovate to improve patient care and enable greater clinician productivity. This challenge is compounded with the responsibility to protect patient privacy while providing clinicians with quick access to the essential data they need to make crucial decisions. How can your IT team leverage technology to help increase productivity, secure critical data and improve overall patient care, while simplifying IT systems and processes? 

Built on top of Dell Cloud Client Computing technology, Dell Mobile Clinical Computing (MCC) is a fully integrated and validated solution designed to meet the challenges of data security, clinical efficiency and IT productivity in healthcare organizations. MCC provides clinicians with secure and easy access to patient information anytime, anywhere. At the same time, MCC enables IT to simplify management of desktops and applications, resulting in fewer help desk calls, better service delivery and higher clinician satisfaction. 

MCC enables clinical staff to roam a session from one device to another with fast, secure access to data and applications. Combining desktop virtualization, strong authentication technologies integrated with single sign-on (SSO) and optimized endpoint devices into a single solution, MCC stores critical data centrally while securing endpoints, helping reduce the risk of lost or stolen data and simplifying HIPAA compliance. 

Find out how MCC enables you to leverage technology to benefit patients, clinicians and your bottom line —  download the MCC brochure or contact a Dell healthcare expert to learn more.

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